SSG Landers Choi Jung-jeong is out due to sudden dizziness.

He was removed from the lineup for SSG’s home game against the KIA Tigers at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on Wednesday. Choi had been feeling unwell in his hamstring recently. It was speculated that his hamstring was the reason for his absence from the game against KIA. However, it was due to a completely different symptom.

Speaking to the media before the game, SSG head coach Lee Sung-yong said, “Jungi has otosclerosis. He has dizziness, so he can’t play today. I’m not going to send him out as a substitute,” Lee said. “He said he woke up this morning and felt dizzy, 바카라사이트 so he went to the hospital. He’s resting now. He said it was the first time he’s had this, but he needs to rest. Depending on her condition, she may need to rest for a few more days,” he said worriedly.

Fortunately, Choi’s case of otosclerosis is not serious. In severe cases of otosclerosis, even lying still can make you dizzy, but not Choi. I can stand up, but it’s only when I run or move that I feel it. It’s hard to exercise anyway, so I have to rest.

It’s a blow for SSG.

Choi is the team’s key hitter. The loss of Choi, who had a two-run single against KIA the previous day (Dec. 12) and has been playing a consistent role as the center fielder, has deepened the team’s worries about the batting lineup. Lee said, “I know that the cause of otosclerosis is stress. I’ve had it once, and it seems to be caused by stress or a decrease in immunity. I think I need to look at my condition more closely in the future,” he sighed.

Meanwhile, SSG started the day with “Rookie” Park Ji-hwan batting first, Park Sung-ki at third in place of Choi Jung, and Guillermo Heredia and Han Yu-seom at fourth and fifth. 토토사이트 추천 Jung Jun-jae (No. 9) will play third base in Choi’s absence.

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