In June, the KOREAN ONE-DAY Class was held at the National University of Education gymnasium in downtown Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, with retired volleyball players Park Chul-woo and Ryu Yun-sik.

The ‘KOREAN ONE-DAY Class’ was organized by Mr. Ha Kyung-min, a retired athlete, youth club leader, and sports agency representative.

Mr. Ha said, “From 2023, we are making maximum efforts with the conviction that the development of our volleyball lies in overseas exchanges and expansion of the Asian market. It would be great if we had enough capital to invest, but we can’t deny the reality. We are trying to invest as much time and build relationships as possible, and our first efforts are in Indonesia, Mongolia, and Japan. This ‘KOREAN ONE-DAY Class’ was organized in collaboration with 메이저 토토사이트 NOYON CLUB in Mongolia, with whom we established a relationship earlier this year,” said Mr. Lee.

“We were fortunate that Cheolwoo, who is busy with his retirement, graciously accepted the offer, and Yunsik, who runs a youth club with us, was able to help us plan even better. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to them,” said the purpose of the event.

On the 7th, Park Chul-woo and Ryu Yun-sik taught 30 U16 players from NOYON CLUB, and on the 8th, 30 players recruited for a separate event class and 30 adult teams, including 4 Mongolian national team members.

After the class, Park Chul-woo and Ryu Yun-sik said, “The players’ physicality and seriousness about volleyball is not inferior to Korean players. However, they lacked a little bit of practice in technical details, understanding of the basics, and teamwork. It was amazing to see how much better they performed with a little guidance. It was a lot of fun and rewarding to work with students who could relate to volleyball and were genuinely interested in learning about the Korean style of teaching.”

The June 8th morning class was advertised to attract 30 people, and it was so popular that more than 150 people signed up within a day.

On June 9, Park Chul-woo and Ryu Yun-sik were invited to participate in the second Volleyball Festival in Mongolia this year and played in a two-set men’s all-star match alongside the Mongolian all-stars, adding to the event’s commitment to expanding volleyball in Mongolia and developing the sport between the two countries.

Tamir, the head coach of Mongolia’s NOYON Club, who also supported the event, said, “I am very grateful that the excellent resources of Korean volleyball traveled to Mongolia and spent time with our players. Despite the relatively poor conditions in Mongolia, the popularity of volleyball in Mongolia has been on the rise thanks to Korea’s Asia Quarter last year. Many students are joining us to learn volleyball, and it would be great if we can continue to work together to develop volleyball in Asia through continued exchanges.” He expressed his gratitude for the event.

Mr. Ha added, “Korean volleyball needs to open its doors even more and take a step forward through exchanges. The lack of players due to the declining population, the lack of competitiveness on the world stage, the development of the V-League into an Asian league, and further development into a global league, international exchange is an indispensable task. We need to grow together with Japan, which is an advanced volleyball country, and East Asia in China, as well as Thailand, Indonesia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and the wider Asian market.”

“The Korean market alone is not enough for us to develop and grow. Fortunately, with the introduction of the Asian quota and the success of mega players, there are positive signs of expansion in Asia. It’s time for a more organized and strategic approach. We still have a long way to go, but we will continue to work hard for the growth and development of volleyball in Asia.”

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