“We watched the video to see what kind of play he likes to do and tried to find it as much as possible to stop him.”

Hanyang University defeated Sangmyung University 56-40 on Wednesday in a home game of the 2024 KUSF College Basketball U-League at the Hanyang University Olympic Gymnasium. With a 4-5 record, Hanyang is in eighth place. It is one game behind seventh-ranked Dongguk University (5-4) and ninth-ranked Dankook University (3-6).

While Park Sung-jae (15 points, 10 rebounds, two assists, and three steals) and Shin Ji-won (11 points, 14 rebounds, and two assists) recorded double-doubles, Kim Sun-woo (175 cm, G) contributed 13 points, four rebounds, six assists, and four steals.

After the game, Kim Sun-woo said, “We’ve been on a losing streak and haven’t won back-to-back games. It’s meaningful that we won our first back-to-back games against Chosun University and 카지노사이트킴 Sangmyung University.” “I’m satisfied with the victory because we created the momentum to win from the next game,” he said.

Hanyang University head coach Jung Jae-hoon said that the players’ attitude has changed since the game against Chosun University.

Kim Sun-woo said, “The coach said that we weren’t too aggressive until the game against Kyung Hee University. “He told us that we weren’t too aggressive until the game against Kyunghee University, so we tried to defend strongly in the front and play a lot of fast breaks,” he said. “We were losing, so we weren’t confident when we attacked, but he told us not to do that and to be confident, so we played differently from the previous game.

After hitting a three-pointer, Kim Sun-woo, who performed a similar three-point shooting ceremony to Moon Jung-hyun (KT), laughed and said, “I didn’t copy him,” and then added, “I saw Mikal Bridges (Brooklyn Nets) in the NBA doing it and thought I should do it since last year, but the timing was always wrong. Today (Dec. 12) was the perfect day to do it.”

Last year, Kim shot 43.2 percent (16-of-37) from three-point range, but this year he dropped to 24.3 percent (9-of-37).

“Last year, there were shots that went in even if they slipped out of my hands, but this year, there were shots that didn’t go in even if I wanted them to,” Kim said. “I’m a third-year player, so I was under pressure to show off, so I took shots that I shouldn’t have taken. That’s why my success rate dropped. The only way to improve is to practice.”

When asked what he was satisfied with in his play this year, Kim said, “Personally, I didn’t achieve any of the goals I set during winter training.” “But if I had to pick one, I’m satisfied with the pressure defense that the coach wants and my passing vision, which is different from before,” he said.

One of Kim’s goals is to finish fourth or better. Right now, the team is fighting for the last playoff spot.

“We need to play the kind of basketball that coach wants, athletic basketball with defensive pressure and quick transitions, and the whole team needs to improve our three-point shooting percentage and have confidence,” Kim said.

Yang Woo-sup, who retired from Seoul SK after last season, joined Hanyang University as a coach on the 10th.

“When Coach Woo-sub Yang came to Hanyang, I was very excited to learn from a coach who has been in the pros for a long time, but from the first day, I realized that what he taught me was different. “It’s the most basic thing, but he emphasized that when I play pick-and-roll, I need to fake my defense by using a fake before the screen comes, that guards need to coordinate with a lot of balls, and that I tend to look at the pass too much when I play fast breaks, but it’s easier if I look at my offense and give the pass to the defense, which was really helpful,” he said.

Hanyang University will play Sungkyunkwan University next month on Feb. 2 before competing in the MBC Bae National University Basketball Tournament.

“Sungkyunkwan University has a very strong press and is led by player Kang Sung-wook. Personally, I’m trying to find out what kind of plays he likes to play by watching videos and try to stop him as much as possible,” he said, adding, “As a team, I think we can play a good game if we can match the plays the coach wants.”

Kim is averaging 8.4 points, 4.9 rebounds, 4.3 assists, and 1.4 steals in nine games this season.

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