‘Legendary defender’ Mats Hummels (36) is leaving Dortmund.

Dortmund announced on Thursday that former Germany international defender Hummels will not renew his contract, which expires on June 30, and will leave the club.

Hummels said: “Dear fans, I played for Dortmund for more than 13 years, but that era has come to an end. It has been a great honor to play for this club for so long. I would like to thank all the staff and players at Dortmund. I will pray for Dortmund to win the title.”

Hummels left Bayern Munich in 2009 to join rivals Borussia Dortmund outright. He moved back to Munich in 2016, where he was widely criticized. He returned to Dortmund in 2019, where he continued to play.

The German international was one of the best center backs in the Bundesliga. Dortmund fans were convinced that he would play until the end of his career.

Hummels had his own reasons for leaving. 안전놀이터 추천 According to a report in Germany’s Bild, Hummels was unhappy with coach Edin Dzerzhik’s overly defensive tactics and had a serious falling out with him.

Hummels’ frustration with Terzic’s overly defensive approach in Dortmund’s games against rivals Munich and other clubs grew. The two got into a heated post-match argument. Hummels even demanded that Terzic be sacked as a condition of re-signing with Dortmund.

In the end, Dortmund decided not to re-sign Hummels. Now a free agent, Hummels is looking for another team.

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