The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism will hold the 2nd Youth Culture Forum, led by MZ Dreamers (2030 Advisory Group), on April 24 at the Daegu Content Korea Lab. The ministry announced the ‘Top 10 Tasks for Youth Culture Policy’ in April and held the first Youth Culture Forum during the ‘Youth Culture Week’ in May to prepare detailed tasks for the 10 tasks. This second forum will collect opinions from young people and experts on the detailed tasks under the theme of ‘Strengthening K-tourism, sports, and content competitiveness through talent development and jobs’.MZ Dreamers members Shim Yoseop, Bae Ji-young, and Heo Kyu-beom will propose ideas for the younger generation in each field .In the tourism sector, they will discuss how to foster specialized human resources and job support for convergence tourism and smart tourism, and in the sports sector, how to support the development of youth talent such as international sports experts and sports administrators and improve the job environment. In the content field, we will look at fostering PD for original content such as novels and web novels, and supporting internships for SMEs in the video and music fields. This will be followed by a discussion with the forum participants on concrete realization plans. On the day, more than 60 young artists, creators, and producers from Daegu and Gyeongseong regions will participate in discussions on each field and deliver the contents to MZ Dreamers. The four youth startup teams will also operate booths to display their businesses and activities.” We will manage the tasks in a field-centered and youth-led manner to derive practical policy improvement results,” said Choi Soo-ji, a youth advisor to the head of MZ Dreamers. The Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism will hold the third and fourth forums in Busan in September and Gwangju in October, and will finally announce the policy improvement measures at the fifth forum in 스포츠토토링크 December.

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