The rumors are heating up. Now, even Bayern Munich players are calling for Thomas Tuchel to stay at the club. It’s a story that could have a big impact on the 28-year-old’s future at Bayern Munich next season.

Germany’s Sky Sports published a report on Thursday titled “Will Tuchel really stay? Now Bayern Munich stars are taking action” and “Players are campaigning for Tuchel to stay”.

Bayern Munich finished the season unbeaten. Their bid for a 12th consecutive Bundesliga title was thwarted by Leverkusen, and they packed up early in the German Football Association (DFB) Pokal, where they were beaten by a third-tier team.

The UEFA Champions League (UCL) was their last hope. But Bayern Munich couldn’t get past the Real Madrid wall and were eliminated in the last four. After drawing 2-2 at home in the first leg, the Bavarians took the lead away from home in the second leg, but conceded back-to-back goals in the dying minutes to fall to their knees 1-2. In the end, Bayern Munich failed to lift the trophy for the first time in 12 years after the 2011-2012 season.

Tuchel’s farewell was also premature. 토토사이트 He was scheduled to lead the team until June 2025. However, in February, Bayern Munich announced that Tuchel had agreed to part ways with the club after this season.

Bayern Munich’s search for a new coach has been slow.

First-choice Xabi Alonso decided to stay at Leverkusen, while Julian Nagelsmann also re-signed with the German national team.

The situation led to speculation in Germany that Tuchel could change his mind and stay at Bayern Munich. However, chairman Herbert Heyner ruled out the possibility of Tuchel staying, saying that he had already reached an agreement with the coach, and Tuchel himself said: “We made a decision at the end of February, we agreed.”

But Bayern Munich’s search for a coach proved much more difficult than expected. Approaches to Austria national team coach Ralf Rangnick and Crystal Palace manager Oliver Glasner were made, but both fell through.

More recently, the club tried to bring back Hanji Flick, but that too reportedly ran into difficulties. Even ‘Plan E’ threatens to fail. “Bayern Munich have pursued the idea of bringing Flick back and discussions have already taken place, but as things stand, he will not be the Bayern Munich manager,” Sky Sports reported.

Tuchel’s retention is back on the table. The Bayern Munich players are also reportedly keen to keep Tuchel on board.

“Tuchel did not officially say goodbye to Wolfsburg in the final home game of the season, but will he hand in his resignation? Now it’s up to the players,” Sky Sports reported.

“The Bayern Munich board is still looking for a new coach for the new season. Tuchel’s stay at the club cannot be ruled out. According to our sources, captains Manuel Neuer and Thomas Muller have actively appealed to the board to support Tuchel’s stay.”

According to reporter Kerry Howe, Tuchel is popular with the players.

“The atmosphere in the locker room hasn’t always been great,” he says. But the players have learned a lot from Tuchel and the coaching staff. The coaching staff of Zolt Löw, Arnaud Michel and Anthony Barry are very popular with the majority of the players.”

It’s not just the captains who are keen to work with Tuchel. “In addition to Neuer and Muller, players such as Leroy Sane, Harry Kane, Eric Dier, and Jamal Musial are also keen to continue working with Tuchel,” Sky Sports added.

If Tuchel stays at Bayern Munich, it could have a big impact on the position of Kim Min-jae. Up until the middle of the season, Kim had been a key defender, playing 15 consecutive full-time games, but recently he has spent more time on the bench behind the Eric Dier-Matthijs de Ligt duo.

Nevertheless, Kim is determined to stay at Bayern Munich and regain his place in the starting lineup, which will depend on who the next Bayern Munich coach is. He has an aggressive defensive style that can be a double-edged sword, so his performance could be very different depending on the coach’s tactics.

One thing is for sure:

Tuchel is a big fan of the player, and he reached out to him directly last summer and hasn’t stopped singing his praises since. His public rant in the press conference after the first leg against Real Madrid was a moment of anger.

In fact, Tuchel expressed his unwavering affection for Kim after the Wolfsburg game: “I’m unbelievably happy with him. Unfortunately, 슬롯사이트 순위 he made a few mistakes in the first leg against Real Madrid. But overall, he was completely reliable.”

Tuchel added: “Kim is a top player with the best mentality. We are very lucky to have him at Bayern Munich.” If Kim continues to fulfill Tuchel’s orders during the preseason, he can expect to be rewarded with a second chance.

Another important thing is to strengthen in the transfer market. Tuchel wants to play attacking football, but the lack of a specialized defensive midfielder and the gap between the ideal and the reality has led him to drop back and use Dier. If Tuchel is able to build the squad he wants in the summer transfer window, he could make good use of Kim Min-jae’s proactivity.

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