Choi Gyu-byeong Wins 2nd Consecutive Win by Defeating China’s Qiao Dayuan at Nongshim Baeksan Mugbo Cup

Choi Gyu-byeong, 9th dan,

won two games in a row at Nongshim Baeksan Mugeo.

Gyu-byeong Choi was defeated by China’s 9th dan Cao Da-yuan in 190 moves in the 2nd round final round of the 1st Nongshim Baeksan Mugwan World Baduk Senior Tournament held in Shanghai, China on the 19th. 파워볼게임

Choi Gyu-byeong, who also won in the 4th round of the finals held in October last year,

achieved two consecutive wins and created an advantageous position for Korea to win.

Choi Gyu-byeong, who took the white lead on this day,

destroyed the black camp in the battle on the right side,

establishing a favorable situation for him.

Afterwards, he easily outpaced Cao Dayuan’s pursuit and received a petition.

Thanks to Choi Kyu-byeong’s performance, Korea was left with three players,

including 9th dan Cho Hoon-hyeon and Yoo Chang-hyuk.

Only two people each survived, including 9th dan Nie Weiping and Ma Xiaochun from China,

and 9th dan Masaki Takemiya and Norimoto Yoda from Japan.

Gyu-Byeong Choi will face Japan’s Takemiya 9th Dan in the 6th round of the finals held on the 20th.

The prize money for winning the Baeksan Cup,

a senior national competition for professional players born before 1969, is 180 million won.

A player who wins three games in a row will receive a prize of 5 million won.

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