DRX claimed a two-set victory.

The first round of the Spring Season of the ‘2024 LOL Champions Korea (LCK) was held at the LCK Arena at Roll Park in Jongno, Seoul on the afternoon of the 26th.

The second match of the day was between Peerless and DRX.

While Peerless took the first set, the second set was a summoner’s canyon with DRX as the blue team and Peerless as the red team.

Unlike in Game 1, DRX got off to a good start, with good engagements and a solid execution to easily take the first dragon. They even succeeded in hunting down their opponent’s closers with a good combination of mid laner and jungler sponge.

Fnatic wouldn’t go down without a fight. In the ninth minute, they pressed hard on the bottom lane and picked up the opposing support, Fleta. However, despite Fnatic winning the bottom lane engagement, DRX took the dragon.

DRX racked up big and small gains, with Teddy making good use of Jinx’s ultra-powerful Scorching Rocket. Fnatic wanted to change that, but the cooler heads prevailed.

A kill in front of the third dragon was also a win for DRX. They won the engagement and took the dragon. LeBlanc on mid laner Cetep was the star of this engagement. After losing three stacks of dragons to their opponents, the discomfort factor increased for Fnatic.

Fnatic couldn’t keep conceding. They decided to target the opponent’s mid lane first turret, and while it wasn’t a one-sided advantage, it paid off with a kill and a turret.

A potentially game-changing hit in front of the fourth dragon. With a strong focus in this fight, Fnatic took a complete victory and the Baron.

The fourth dragon was still alive as Fearx chose Baron, and DRX regrouped in the dragon area despite the losses from the previous battle. Fearx then entered the fray and won another battle. The dragon was claimed by DRX.

Despite losing back-to-back battles, DRX completed the Dragon’s Soul, and Peerless reversed the kill score with a major victory. With both teams having something to say, they prepared for the next engagement.

At around the 30-minute mark, it was DRX who emerged victorious, sweeping the opposing Fnatic main squad with the help of their one-dealer, Teddy.

After winning the next hanto in front of the Elder Dragon, DRX marched straight into their opponent’s main lane to take the set. The set score was 1-1, giving DRX their first set win of the season.


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