Mathias Der Licht had a good first half.

Bayern Munich went into halftime with a 4-0 lead against Bochum in the fifth round of the 2023-24 German Bundesliga at the Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany at 10:30 p.m. ET on Wednesday.

Munich used a 4-2-3-1 formation. Kane, Coman, Choupo Moting, Sane, Kimmich, Reimer, Davies, Kim Min-jae, Der Licht, Mazur, and Ulreich started up front. Bochum started with Takuma, Rossiya, Vero, Paslak, Mashovic and Riemann.

It was noticeable that Kim Min-jae remained on the bench but changed partners. Instead of the pre-season expectation of a pairing centered around 카지노 Der Licht, with Kim and Upamecano alternating as Der Licht’s partner, Kim remains in the starting lineup and Upamecano and Der Licht are partnering with Kim. Given Munich’s tight schedule, it’s likely that they’ve rotated their center backs, who are all first teamers compared to other positions.

With this appearance, Kim has started all six games he has played since joining Munich, including the last match, the UEFA Champions League (UCL) group stage against Manchester United. He was out of form at the start of the season due to basic military training, but has since settled in nicely.

Der Licht’s appearance was notable for another reason. Initially, Kim was expected to compete with Dayo Upamecano for Der Licht’s partner spot. However, Thomas Tuchel opted to use Kim and Upamecano as his starting center back combination, relegating Der Licht, the team’s core center back, to the bench.

Reports emerged that Der Licht was frustrated. “Der Licht is frustrated with his lack of playing time at Bayern Munich,” said Germany’s Bavarian Football, “Der Licht was recovering from injury, so he could understand being left out of the starting XI, but despite his return to fitness, he is still not playing. It’s frustrating for him,” he said.

The media outlet quoted Bild, which said, “Der Licht is slowly becoming frustrated with his situation. He played less than a minute against United and then left the field at the end of the game without saying a word,” explaining Der Licht’s situation.

In fact, Der Licht has seen a noticeable decrease in playing time this season. When Munich signed Kim Min-Jae in the summer transfer window, the general consensus was that the two center backs would play on the right and Der Licht on the left. However, Thomas Tuchel opted to play Kim on the left, with Dayo Upamecano as his partner. Der Licht, who had been a regular center back in Munich, was quickly relegated to the bench.

Tuchel didn’t feel the need to talk about it. When asked about Der Licht’s situation, Tuchel said: “Center backs don’t get many chances to come on as substitutes, unlike midfielders. We talk to all the players every day, but I don’t think it’s necessary to talk about (Der Licht’s situation). Der Licht deserves to play 100%. He’s in good shape. Of course, from an individual point of view, he hasn’t had enough playing time so far, but he is a team player. Every player has to be ready at all times. That’s the kind of player he is, so it’s okay,” said Tuchel, who included Der Licht in his starting lineup.

Der Licht had his best performance in the first half. In the first half alone, Der Licht had a 90% pass completion rate, 1 successful tackle (100%), 4 fumbles, 1 interception, 3 recoveries, 2 ground balls (3 attempts), and 4 successful aerial balls (100%), according to soccer stats site

He even scored a goal in the 29th minute. Kimmich sent in a ball from a corner kick that Der Licht jumped high to redirect with his head. The ball left 바카라 his head and headed into the corner of the goal. The goal was a relief for Der Licht, who hadn’t been given a chance in the starting lineup.

He also looked good with Kim Min-jae. Like Der Licht, Kim Min-jae was also in fine form, helping Munich to go into the half-time break with a clean sheet.

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