Lee Jong-bum or Lee Bum-ho?

The KIA Tigers have narrowed down their search for a new manager. Manager Shim Jae-hak hasn’t commented on any of the candidates. It is believed that they have shortlisted three or four candidates. They will be interviewed and selected by the decision maker. The official announcement is expected to be made right after the Lunar New Year holidays. Whoever gets the job is sure to be a hot topic, as it’s a big deal for baseball fans.

The team narrowed down the initial list of more than 10 candidates using a number of criteria. The criteria include leadership, championship experience, strategic and game management skills, novelty, and fan appeal. We looked for a wealth of experience, as he would have to lead a championship team, but we also looked for novelty that would change the atmosphere. In particular, it was important that he knew KIA well.

Although not specifically mentioned as a criterion, the possibility of selecting a non-KIA candidate is also in the spotlight. 토토사이트 CEO Choi Joon-young and director Shim Jae-hak both graduated from Korea University. His predecessor, Kim Jong-guk, also graduated from Korea University. Fans have pointed out that this is an ‘ancient line’. If the team chooses a coach from Korea University again, the phrase “Korea University again” could be heard. There is also the possibility of excluding KU alumni.

There are several KU alumni on the shortlist.

Kim Kyung-moon, former head coach of the NC Dinos, Sun Dong-yeol, and Jin Gap-yong, who is in charge of the spring camp in Canberra, Australia. Sun was a national treasure pitcher for the Tigers and coached the KIA for three years starting in 2012. They know KIA well. Jin also led KIA for two years, so he is a familiar candidate.

If we apply the “non-Korean university” criteria, three candidates are excluded from the finalists. However, it is unclear whether it will be used as a selection criterion, as it may be criticized as reverse discrimination to exclude people with experience and ability based on their academic background. Nevertheless, the candidates are further narrowed down by the ‘non-considered person who knows KIA well’ option, which could include former LG Twins coach Lee Jong-beom, a legend from the outside, and hitting coach Lee Beom-ho from the inside.

Lee is a former coach from Gwangju Il-Go and Konkuk University.

He retired after the 2011 season and hasn’t been involved with KIA since. This makes him even more nostalgic for fans. He has the most fan support among the candidates. If he wins the managerial job, he will return to his family after 13 years. He traveled to the United States to train with his son, Lee Jung-hoo, who joined the San Francisco Giants. If he is offered the head coaching job, he will return home immediately.

Lee Beom-ho graduated from Daegu High School and joined the professional ranks. He was born and raised in Daegu and started his professional career with Hanwha, 안전한 파워볼사이트 but moved to KIA and became one of the team’s leading players. He became a fan favorite because of his strong work ethic and leadership around the team. There is a strong perception that he will one day lead the Tigers. At 43 years old, the opportunity has arrived. However, the weakness of both men is that they have no managerial experience. This will be a major concern in the hiring process.

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