A Rural American Town that is Crazy About Volleyball

92,000 people flock to women’s college game

Nebraska with 1.8 million people…

The University of Nebraska women’s volleyball team is explosively popular

with 5% of the population gathering to watch volleyball … 306 consecutive games sold out

A whopping 92,003 spectators flocked to a women’s college volleyball match held in the United States,

drawing attention. 카지노

Associated Press

According to the Associated Press, more than 90,000 spectators flocked to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA

women’s volleyball match between the Nebraska Cornhuskers and the Nebraska-Omaha Mavericks held at Lincoln Memorial Stadium in Nebraska, USA on the 31st (Korean time).

According to AP, the home team, the University of Nebraska,

prepared various events to challenge the record for the largest attendance earlier this year.

This day’s game was designated as ‘Volleyball Day’ and a special outdoor court was built at Memorial Stadium, the soccer field.

University of Nebraska

The University of Nebraska attempted to set the record for the largest number of spectators

by adding standing room seating to the existing 85,000 seats.

A variety of support came from all over Nebraska for this day’s event.

The University of Nebraska canceled all classes on this day,

high schools across the state also suspended classes to give students the opportunity to watch the game.

The Associated Press reported, “A lot of spectators gathered before the game, and eventually all the seats were full.”

The University of Nebraska said, “We have set a new record for the largest attendance in women’s sports history.”

FIFA Women’s World Cup

However, AP said, “Unofficial records show that about 110,000 spectators flocked to the 1971 FIFA Women’s World Cup match held in Mexico City,

Mexico, and that more than 113,000 fans flocked to the 2010 women’s hockey tournament held in Michigan.” “This remains,” he said.

The 1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup final between the United States and China (90,185 people),

the UEFA Women’s Champions League semifinal match

between FC Barcelona (Spain) and Wolfsburg (Germany)

held at the Camp Nou in Barcelona, ​​Spain in 2022 The record of (91,648 people) was surpassed.

The reason the crowd mobilization record that day caught attention

was because of the special environment of Nebraska, where the game was held.

Population of Nebraska

The total population of Nebraska, located in the central United States,

is approximately 1.8 million (as of 2020), ranking 37th among the 50 U.S. states.

This is only about 5% of the number one state, California (about 37 million people).

Approximately 5% of the entire population of Nebraska flocked

to the stadium to watch the women’s college volleyball game that day.

The University of Nebraska women’s volleyball team enjoys explosive popularity locally.

Before the Game

Before today’s game, a whopping 306 consecutive games had been sold out.

Since the game on this day was not held at the official home court, it was not counted as a sellout.

It’s not just this.

The University of Nebraska women’s volleyball team has maintained the top spot in attendance every season since 2013.

AP introduced, “8 of the 9 games with the largest attendance in NCAA volleyball history were at the University of Nebraska.”

Nebraska won the championship five times and earned about $1 million (approximately 1.3 billion won) last year.

Nebraska’s share in the NCAA is very large.

There are a total of 75 female athletes from Nebraska playing in NCAA Division 1 this season,

the second largest in terms of population among the 50 states in the United States.

Volleyball has been active in Nebraska since the early 1900s,

currently, about 7,000 female high school students are playing volleyball.

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