SEOUL, South Korea (Yonhap) By Ahn Hong-seok = Professional soccer K League 1 Gwangju FC defender Kim Jae-bong has been kicked out of the club after being found to have played sports betting .According to Gwangju on Monday, the club confirmed that Kim Jae-bong played sports betting before joining the club and immediately terminated his contract. The club received a report that Kim Jae-bong had committed misconduct and conducted an interview, where he confessed to playing sports betting indirectly through a third party in 2020.Kim joined Gwangju last year. He was a member of Jeju United when he committed the offense .A club official said, “Kim Jae-bong said he never played Toto after joining Gwangju, but since it was confirmed that he had already committed a crime, we decided 카지노사이트 to immediately terminate his contract. “Private sports betting is of course illegal, and sportsbooks issued by the Korea Sports Promotion Organization also prohibit the purchase of athletes, coaches, and referees of the sporting events they are issued for. The club first verbally reported to the KFA about Kim Jae-bong, and will soon send a written explanation. “Since the club terminated his contract first, he is not subject to disciplinary action by the KFA,” said an official from the KFA, “but since he may later play for a lower league team such as K3 or K4, we will forward the letter or citation to the Korea Football Association and the Sports Ethics Center when it arrives from Gwangju.”

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