Gimcheon Commerce has a chance to widen the gap and Busan I-Park has a chance to narrow it.

Gimcheon and Busan will face off in the 29th round of the 토토사이트 ‘Hana OneQ K League 2 2023’ at Busan Gudeok Stadium on the 29th. In the K League 2, where the battle for the top spot is fierce and it is difficult for any one team to make a breakthrough, Gimcheon is ranked first (51 points) and Busan is ranked second (47 points).

Gimcheon took the top spot on the 19th of last month and hasn’t looked back. Busan stayed in first place from the first to the eighth of last month, but after the ninth, the rankings fluctuated dramatically, and they have been in second place since the 15th. Coincidentally, the two teams were separated by four points in their four games in August, winning together and losing together.

Gimcheon went 3-1 in August with wins over Seongnam FC (4-0), Seoul Eland (4-0), Jeonnam Dragons (1-2), and Chungnam Asan (4-0). Busan went 3-1 against Cheonan City FC (1-0), Jeonnam Dragons (1-0), Seoul Eland (1-2), and Gimpo FC (3-2). With the same number of points (13), there is no change in the points gap.

Gimcheon has a chance to run away and Busan has a chance to chase. Even if Busan wins, they won’t be able to take over the top spot because they have 4 points, but they will be able to catch up to Gimcheon. A win for Gimcheon would give them 54 points and a seven-point lead over Busan.

Gimcheon has been on fire offensively lately. In August alone, they had three games with four or more goals. All of those games ended with a clean sheet. The offense is well balanced. Cho Young-wook has been the difference maker. With 13 goals, he leads the team and K League 2 in scoring.

All four of Busan’s games in August were decided by one goal. The team is strong in defense and chasing. While Ramas is responsible for most of the goals, the team has been utilizing its summer signings such as Park Dong-jin and Min Sang-ki.

The teams are 1-1 against each other this season. In March, Busan won 3-1, and in July, Gimcheon won 2-1. All eyes will be on Gimcheon to take the lead and Busan to catch up.

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