NC Coach Kang In-kwon’s worries about the top lineup… The key is ‘batter number 3’ Son Ah-seop

NC Dinos manager Kang In-kwon revealed the concerns of the top batting lineup.

This season, NC made a winning move by separating Son Ah-seop, Park Min-woo, and Park Geon-woo, the three best hitters in the KBO League, from the lineup.

The top batting lineup, which used to be Son A-seop – Park Min-woo – Park Geon-woo – Jason Martin – Kwon Hee-dong, has been changed to Park Min-woo – Kwon Hee-dong – Son A-seop – Matt Davidson – Park Geon-woo starting this year.

The analysis is that in order to maximize Park Min-woo’s base running, it is effective to use Kwon Hee-dong, who is difficult for pitchers, at number 2. 카지노

Min-Woo Park had stolen bases in double digits for 10 consecutive years until last season (26), and Hee-Dong Kwon had the highest number of pitches per at-bat (4.40) in the 2023 season among KBO League batters with more than 300 at-bats.

However, the one thing that was disappointing in the new batting lineup was Son A-seop.

Son Ah-seop hit 34 hits in 117 at-bats (batting average of 0.291) in three games this season.

His performance was lower than last season (batting average of 0.339), when he mainly played number 1.

In the end, Coach Kang began to appoint Son A-seop again as number 2, saying, “It seems like he is feeling a bit pressured at number 3,” and to date, Son A-seop has been active in number 2 with 10 hits in 27 at-bats (batting average of 0.370).

For Coach Kang, he has no choice but to become more concerned about the lineup, as he has both advantages and disadvantages.

Coach Kang, who met at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 5th when the SSG Landers game was canceled due to rain, said, “Son Ah-seop’s condition has improved late, so we are currently placing him at number 2, but I don’t think we can continue for one season with the current lineup fixed.

“I think there will be variables depending on the game situation,” he said.

Manager Kang explained that when Kwon Hee-dong is at number 2, the probability of number 1 hitter Park Min-woo stealing increases.

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