Nexon today held the online showcase for the first part of the Dungeon Festival, a user event for the online action RPG Dungeon & Fighter (Dunfa).

The online showcase revealed the update roadmap, including the Mist God Raid Asrahan: God of Mist, new Archer classes, and character renewals.

Raid Asrahan: The Mist God, which will be updated in April next year, is the eighth raid in Dungeons and Dragons and the first raid in the Zenith. In July, the Legion dungeon Awakened Forest will be released, and in the second half of the year, the ninth raid, Artifact Gods, will be released.

In January, we’ll also be adding the Nexus dungeon Borderlands, which features gear progression and custom option farming.

And in March, we’re adding Archer’s former companions Hunter and Vigilante. Hunter will be a physical dealer and Vigilante will be a magic dealer. In December, Inquisitor, Street Fighter (Male), and Swordmaster will be revamped, and in February, Battlemage and Mistress Dot will be revamped, along with a revamp of the Secondary and True Awakening story quests for all 65 classes to improve immersion as you progress. In June, we’ll be revamping the Exorcist.

We’re also changing play patterns, improving farming and gear systems across the board for better growth and motivation, and making usability improvements for better readability and visibility.

Rounding out the announcement is an IP collaboration with arcade legend SNK, as well as the addition of an Arcade Center where players can play acclaimed minigames all the time.


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