Rory McIlroy is almost a long way from a regular golf fan, both in terms of his skill and stature in the game. McIlroy, however, is one of the few people speaking out right now about how golf effectively renounces its role as a fan service organization to greatly increase players’ wealth.

The day after PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan held his latest press conference, where promises are heavy and delivery is light, McIlroy – the de facto voice of players whether he wants to or not – offered his perspective on the current state of golf. Many of the world’s best players are now on the groundbreaking LIV Golf Tour, so they’re nowhere near the Players Championship this weekend, but McIlroy wants some sort of unification as soon as possible.

“I hope that I can speed up the train and finish this work,” he said.

McIlroy has taken back his highly critical comments that have destroyed players indulged in LIV and its wealth. He prefers the PGA Tour’s more competitive framework and would actually like to see it become more competitive.안전놀이터

“[The] more player departures on and off the tour, the better,” he said. “This is expected to be the most competitive golf tour in the world, and I think we have to continue to prove ourselves.”

He pointed out that tennis ranks players based on their performance in golf for only one year, not two years. “It provides incentives for players to stay complacent.”

McIlroy has sparked some backlash from some of the tour’s regular members but for him it’s proof the tour has lost focus.

“This is a member organization issue,” McIlroy said. “It’s built for the members. And once it’s built, you have to go and sell it to fans, sponsors, media. I think it kind of looks backwards. I think what needs to happen is you build a product for fans, sponsors, media, and then you have to tell the players to go and sell it and get involved because when they’re involved, we’re all part of the business. Now if the business gets better, we can do better. It seems very simple to me.”

McIlroy tees off with Jordan Spieth and Victor Hovland on Thursday at 8:35 a.m. ET at Players.

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