Sejingya is back, and Daegu FC escapes last place In the 12th round of the Hana Bank K League 1 2024 against Gwangju FC on May 11, Sejingya scored a goal and two assists to lead his team to victory, taking his K League career tally to 60 points and 60 assists.

The victory, which marked the return of Sejingya, helped Daegu FC climb out of last place and earned them their first win at home. We take a look back at Sejingya’s history and the record-breaking moments that will be written in the future.

Since the introduction of relegation—1st 50-50 club in the first division
The K League has a long and storied history, but many records are based on different reference points since 2013, when the promotion system was introduced. There are many different criteria, ranging from considering a player’s numbers regardless of the first or second division as a career record, to the top league standard and 카지노사이트 the post-promotion standard.

In terms of the K League 1 stage alone, Sejingya is the first member of the 50-50 club since the introduction of the relegation system. On August 19, 2023, against FC Seoul, Sejingya became the first player to join the club when he recorded his 50th assist since promotion to the first division.

Based on this standard alone, Sejingya’s 60 goals and 60 assists would not be recognized. Currently, only Lee Dong-guk, Molina, and Yi Ki-hoon have achieved the feat in the K League 1, but Sejingya could join the 60-60 club as early as this season. In the K League 1, Sejingya currently has 77 goals and 53 assists, meaning he only needs to add seven more assists to become the fourth player to join the 60-60 club.

Sejingya rewrites all Daegu FC records

It’s no exaggeration to say that Sejingya’s history is the history of Daegu’s glory days. From the team’s promotion and FA Cup victory to the team’s first AFC Champions League appearance and the DGB Daegu Bank Park era, Sejingya was there for every moment of glory. The last time he joined the 50-50 club, the previous gateway to the 60-60 club, was on May 22, 2022. After adding two assists in that game, he had 73 goals and 51 assists in 191 games, the third-fastest pace in history. -Coincidentally, the 50-50, 60-60, and achievement games were all two-assist games.-

Sejingya, who previously joined the team’s top 40-40 club in 2020, started this long history in a Daegu jersey in 2016, scoring in a home game against Chungju in May of that year. With each milestone, Daegu FC fans are eager to see if Sejingya, who has said in interviews that he aims to join the 70-70 club, will reach that milestone.

Daegu and Sejingya together—Towards 70-70?
Frequent injuries and age have been a source of doubt for Sejingya since last season. Behind his dazzling skills and team-winning charm, it has been pointed out that he is a limitation of a Sejingya-centric team, and his absence has often been directly linked to the team’s performance.

However, it is also true that Sejingya, who has proven his presence and importance by making spectacular comebacks each time, has been on a downward spiral, culminating in the 2020 season. However, it’s still hard to imagine Daegu FC without him.

Compared to his 15 goals and 10 assists in 2019 and a whopping 18 goals and 4 assists in 2020, when he recorded more than 20 offensive points for two consecutive years, expectations should be lowered. However, he has also led the team’s offense with double-digit offensive points in the past two years.

In 239 games in a Daegu jersey, 89 goals and 61 assists, a glorious time. He is now nine assists away from the 70-70 club he always talked about.

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