SSG Landers Future, led by head coach Son Siheon, has completed its spring camp schedule.

The SSG Future Team will arrive in the country via Incheon International Airport on Tuesday afternoon after completing their spring camp in Chiayi, Taiwan. The SSG Futures Team held a 25-day spring camp in Chiayi from February 15th to March 10th to identify promising players and develop their skills, and 30 players, including Futures head coach Son Si-heon, 바카라사이트 participated in the camp.

Pitcher Kim Ju-on and outfielder Kim Gyu-min were named the camp MVPs.

After the camp,

Son said, “I felt that our team is getting stronger through this camp. I was impressed with how all the players focused on training. Above all, the biggest gain from this camp was to see that there are many prospects who can compete for the first team. We will continue to do our best to help all players, including those in the strengthening program, improve their skills through competition,” said Kim.

“Pitcher MVP Kim Joo-on had a good performance in practice games, but he also took the initiative to take care of his juniors by taking the lead in training as a pitching coach,” said Kim. “We also chose Yielding MVP Kim Gyu-min because he actively participated in all training sessions, including early and extra, and showed a lot of ambition as a rookie.

Pitcher MVP Kim Joo-on said, “It was good to finish the camp without any injuries while training in the direction we wanted to. This year, I will try harder to play baseball in the first team. I would like to thank coach Son Si-heon, Ryu Taek-hyun, Kim Isul, and the conditioning coach for selecting me as the MVP.”

Kim Gyu-min, the Beast MVP, said, “First of all, I would like to thank Coach Son Si-heon for leading the training during the camp, and Coach Yoon Yoseop and other coaches helped me a lot. 토토사이트 추천 Thanks to them, I realized a lot of things while training in the camp. I will work hard to further develop this and become a good player,” said Son.

Meanwhile, the SSG Future Team will travel to Busan on the 11th and will play a total of 10 practice matches until the 24th.

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