The bromance of ‘inseparable’ best friends is more fun than baseball.

KT Wiz has a lot of veterans. This is especially true on the field, but that doesn’t mean there’s a “geezer” vibe at the Busan Gijang spring training camp. Captain Park Kyung-soo, now 40 years old, is still energetic and takes care of his juniors.

But then, a new player appeared. Woo Kyu-min. A friend around the same age. He joined the LG Twins in 2003. They have been friends since childhood. They parted ways when Park went to KT and Woo to the Samsung Lions, but met again in the twilight of their baseball careers. Woo Gyu-min wore a KT uniform through the second round of the draft.

The two are eager to enjoy the thrill of winning a championship together this season, as long as they can fulfill their unfulfilled dreams at LG. In particular, 안전놀이터 Woo is excited to be reunited with Park Kyung-soo and Park Byung-ho, with whom he has fond memories from his LG days. “It still doesn’t feel real. When I see Kyung-soo in the hostel, I feel like I’ve come to visit him on another team,” he laughs.

“I thought Kyu-min was back when he was 20 years old,” said Park Kyung-soo.

After arriving at the camp, he came to my room in his new uniform, complete with hat. I felt that he really liked it. I went to a nearby grocery store with Gyumin, Byeongho, and (Hwang) Jae-gyun, and it felt like we were just hanging out and shopping for groceries, but now that we’re working out together in our uniforms, I feel like we’re teammates.”

Before the interview, the two went outdoors in the chilly weather to do an interview with the broadcasters. “We could talk all night,” they said, despite being tired from shivering for quite some time and having to answer similar questions.

“I think Kyu-min is going to be in the must-win group, so I want him to have 30 holds, and then we’ll go to the Korean Series,” Park said. Woo’s most holds in a season is 24 in the 2021 season. With 30 holds, he can challenge the hold king. “Then I’ll order 30 home runs for Park Kyung-soo. 바카라사이트 추천 Please don’t write about 30 holds,” and he chuckled. “Kyung-soo is thinking about retiring every season, but his defense is the number one, so I want him to be a little more greedy in the offense. I hope he can show the ‘power hitter’ Park Kyung-soo, even if not as much as when he was younger,” he said seriously.

We asked them to say something nice to each other one last time. Woo Kyu-min struck first with an embarrassed, “Good luck, dude,” to which Park Kyung-soo replied, “Uh, I’ll do my best,” which got a big laugh. Park then delivered a more sincere message, saying, “Let’s have a good season without any injuries, win the last championship, and put rings on each other’s hands.”

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