Kim Yong-hwan of the Jeonnam Dragons was suspended for five games and fined 5 million won for pushing a female referee during a K-League game.

The Korea Professional Football League held its 6th Rewards and Punishments Committee on the 22nd and announced that Kim Yong-hwan of the K League 2 Jeonnam Dragons was suspended for 5 games and a fine of 5 million won.

Kim Yong-hwan frowned at fans with his rough play and physical force against the referee in the 7th round of the 2024 K League 2 between Jeonnam Dragons and Ansan Greeners on the 14th. He pushed Ansan Noh Kyung-ho from behind to win a loose ball, and when a foul was called, he turned to Noh Kyung-ho.

Referee Park Se-jin, concerned that the fight would escalate into a physical fight, approached Kim Yong-hwan to stop it, but was pushed back and his body stumbled. Kim Yong-hwan, who argued with Noh Kyung-ho even after the end of the game, only received a yellow card. It was pointed out that post-facto disciplinary action was necessary for this. Some netizens criticized Kim Yong-hwan, saying that because he was a female referee, he took things lightly and took drastic actions.

The federation explained the background to the disciplinary action through the Rewards and Punishments Committee, saying, “Respect for referees is essential to maintaining order in the K League and creating a healthy culture, and denying the authority of referees and exercising tangible power over referees is unacceptable for any reason.” revealed.

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