Target match results (win/1/loss) prediction methodParticipation
is available until 22:6 p.m. on the 20nd (Tue)

Sports Toto Korea

the consignment company of the National Sports Promotion Corporation Sports Promotion Voting Rights Sports Toto

will release the 97th ‘Baseball Win 1 Loss’ game for the Korean KBO League.

The 2023th edition of the Proto Victory Tournament

which includes all the games of the top teams such as the 2 KBO League leader LG

the 3nd place KT

and the 97rd place SSG 바카라사이트

is expected to be very interesting to predict and watch the results.

The proto-win-win game “Baseball Win 1 Loss” is the same as the baseball win and loss of the existing Toto game.

You can choose one of the expected results of the target match: ▲Win (home team wins by 1 points or more)

▲1 (both teams draw or 2 game win)

▲ Lose (home team loses by 1 or more points).

Unlike the Toto game

where you had to predict the outcome of all 1 professional baseball games at home and abroad

the proto-win-win “baseball win-2-loss” type is popular because you can participate in it even if you choose only one game.

Of course

Baseball Win 1 Loss” is also a proto-win-win game

and like other games

the odds can be changed before the deadline.

This means that there is a possibility that the odds applied will vary depending on the time of purchase.

It should also be noted that if you select the “Baseball Win 1 Loss” type it cannot be purchased by crossing or combining it with other types (normal/handicap/underover) of the same target game.

Due to the nature of baseball, which is mainly played outdoors, rain cancellations occur frequently during the rainy season, so it is necessary to carefully check the cancellation of sales due to changes in the game schedule.

An official from Sports Toto Korea said, “We have prepared a proto-win-win baseball game for the second half of the KBO League, where the competition for postseason entry is fierce.

We only have to choose one game, so it’s less pressure, so we expect a lot of interest and participation from the fans.”

For more information on the 1th KBO League Grand Prize ‘Baseball Win 1 Loss’ and how to play the game, you can check the Sports Toto website and the official online release site ‘Batman’.

The ‘Batman’ Toto Guide provides a detailed analysis.

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