The temperature is 30℃ and the relative humidity is 74%.This is the live weather in Wucheng District, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, China, as of 8 p.m. on Aug. 19, according to, a specialized weather measured the temperature in the area at 33℃.While fall is well underway in South Korea, summer is still in full swing in the Hangzhou area of China’s Zhejiang province, where the 2023 Asian Games will be held .Wucheng, where temperatures rarely drop below 30°C, is home to the Jinhua Sports Center Stadium. This is where Huang Sunhong, who is going for gold at the Games, took his first steps. The stadium, which holds about 30,000 people, is mostly empty. Instead, the hot air filled the venue. The white-hatted volunteers were sweating profusely as they removed their hats from their heads in the heat. They were equipped with cool packs inside their hats to lower their body temperature, but it wasn’t enough. “This is not the hottest place in China, but the humidity is unbearable right now,” said one volunteer .The humidity made the air feel toxic and heavy, but the players, including Huang Sunhong, didn’t seem to mind, smiling as they warmed up on the field.” The preparation and adaptation period is short, and everyone is on the same page,” Hwang told reporters before the team’s training session the day before. We have to adapt to the local conditions while playing the group stage,” he said, refusing to blame the weather. Hwang described the first match against Kuwait as “a game we want to win and need to win. With seven games to go to win the title, he realizes the importance of getting off to a good start.” It’s our first game, so I hope we do really well,” said Choi Mo, 19, who traveled from South Korea to Jinhua to see the team in action. Choi, who once lived in Qingdao, China, a city at a higher latitude than this one, said she understands the team’s struggles in the heat of Hangzhou. Dressed in a red national team jersey, top and bottom, like the players on the field, Choi’s favorite player is Lee Kang-in, who has yet to join the team due to his schedule with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG-France).In fact, Choi had Lee Kang-in’s name on his back, but of all the players on the field that day, he said he was especially rooting for Baek Seung-ho.”Baek Seung-ho is the best! The national team will win unconditionally against Kuwait!” Choi cheered. Although the stadium was mostly empty, Korean soccer fans were everywhere, cheering for Hwang Sun-hong. With chants of “Great Korea” and “Oh Must Win Korea” echoing throughout the stadium, cheers erupted when Jung Woo-young (Stuttgart) rattled the Kuwaiti goal just three minutes into the match. Sweating profusely from the start of the match, the Koreans continued to press their opponents after scoring the first goal and took control of the game, eventually scoring another goal in the 19th minute 바카라사이트 of the first half through Cho Young-wook.

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