Park Heung-sik (61) hasn’t spoken to Lee Seung-yup (47) since he took over as manager of the Doosan Bears in the Korean Baseball Organization.

This is because it would cause unnecessary misunderstanding.

However, Lee recently called Park.

He thought it was just a ‘hello’ call, but Lee said, “Come to Doosan and give me advice,” and made a ‘job offer’.

On the 12th, the day Doosan officially announced the signing, Park told Yonhap News Agency, “When Lee started his coaching career last October, I deliberately didn’t contact him. I only wished him success in my heart.” “After he left the Lotte Giants at the end of this season, I couldn’t contact him anymore. I was Lee’s coach during his playing days, so I didn’t want to cause any misunderstandings.”

Coach Park met Lee when he was playing for the Samsung Lions.

Lee, who was fondly known as the “National Hitter” during his playing days, referred to Park as his “mentor.

However, Lee saw the “skill and experience” in Park, not the “connection,” and suggested that Doosan sign him.

With nearly 30 years of coaching experience at Samsung, Kia Tigers, Nexen Heroes (now Kiwoom), and Lotte since 1996, Doosan thought Park could be a good “advisor” to Lee.

Lee, who began his coaching career in 2023 as Doosan’s head coach, often spoke with Kim Hansu, a “former manager and Samsung senior,” who was also a coach.

In 2024, Lee had one more “senior leader” to advise him.

“Three things are surprising to me. “I thought Doosan was a very good team during my coaching career, but I didn’t think I would actually play for them,” Park said. “Moreover, the head coach is Lee Seung-yup now. I never imagined that I would be the one to replace him. The coaches are getting younger and younger, and I didn’t think they would choose me in my 60s,” he confessed.

As an experienced coach, Park intends to practice what he calls “ongojisin” at Doosan.

“Even if you’re an experienced coach, you can’t survive in the pros if you don’t learn new things. I will work hard to learn baseball and pass on my experience to the younger coaches at Doosan.”

Doosan also wants Park to become a “teacher of coaches” as well as an advisor to Lee.

“I am confident that I will fulfill the role that the club and coach Lee have given me. I want to show that veteran leaders are still needed in the Korean Professional Baseball League.” “Doosan is a club that is good at developing players and coaches. I will do my best to help.”

Of course, there is also greed for results.

After finishing ninth in 2022, Doosan climbed to fifth in 2023.

However, neither Doosan fans nor coach Lee Seung-yup were satisfied with the 2023 results.

“Our goal for next year is to finish third or higher,” Lee said.

“I will help Doosan fans, the club, and coach Lee Seung-yeop achieve a satisfactory result in the 2024 season,” Park said. “I want to smile with everyone who loves the Doosan Bears around this time next year.” 파워볼

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