KBO Commissioner Heo Koo-yeon conducted an on-site inspection of the Pitch Clock and Automatic Strike Ball System (ABS).

He visited Doosan Bear Park in Icheon, where the KBO Umpires Committee’s first winter training session is underway, on Saturday morning to inspect the operation of the ABS and Pitch Clock.

The KBO Umpires Committee is conducting simulation training on the use of pitch clock and ABS from April 4 to 8. The ABS training focuses on the stable operation of the game by adapting the radio and earphones and familiarizing themselves with what to do in case of an error. The pitch clock training focuses on communication with the measuring staff and situational application.

He emphasized that the role of the umpires is crucial for the stable operation of ABS and Pitch Clock, which will be introduced in the 2024 season. 안전놀이터 He also listened to the opinions of the umpires and asked the ABS operation engineers to thoroughly prepare by checking the judgment system.

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