Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp has once again shown his ‘loyalist’ side. He spoke out against a journalist who embarrassed his former pupil, who is now with a different team. He even came to Henderson’s defense, calling the journalist’s interview with him “a terrible interview.”

The Daily Mail, a British publication, reported on Nov. 11 (KST) that “Klopp has come to the former Liverpool captain’s defense. He confronted a Dutch journalist who allegedly gave a horrific interview that bullied Henderson, causing an awkward scene at the press conference,” the Daily Mail reported.

Klopp had a nervous breakdown with a Dutch journalist during his official press conference ahead of the Europa League quarterfinal against Atalanta. Klopp was upset with the journalist because he believed he had asked Henderson a malicious question. 스포츠토토 Henderson had been the subject of a similarly malicious and embarrassing question earlier this month.

Henderson, a former Liverpool captain under Klopp, currently plays for Dutch side AFC Ajax.

Henderson shocked the world when he left Liverpool in July of last year to sign for Saudi Arabia’s Al Ittifaq. However, he left after just half a season and signed with Ajax in January to play in the Dutch Eredivisie.

However, Henderson was asked a very aggressive question in an interview after a 2-2 league home draw with Portuna on March 10th. “Was that your worst game since you came to Ajax, maybe even your worst performance?” a Dutch journalist asked Henderson in an aggressive manner.

Embarrassed, Henderson snorted and said, “No, it’s not. We didn’t lose. Like I said before the cameras came on. It’s worse when you lose.” But the reporter persisted, asking, “But wasn’t it a terrible performance?” “Of course we didn’t play our best game,” Henderson said. But it was a very tough game today,” Henderson continued.

The aggressive questioning continued, and Henderson tried to keep his composure, but the reporter finally asked him, “Is it fair to say it was a poor performance?” “Call me whatever you want,” Henderson said, and the interview ended. It was a strange interview to come out of a tie.

Klopp apparently felt that Henderson had been unfairly vindicated by this shocking interview a month earlier.

He brought it up at a Europa League press conference. “You’re not the journalist who interviewed Henderson, are you?” he asked in annoyance when a Dutch journalist asked him. “No, it was my colleague,” came the reply from the back of the room.

Unsatisfied, Klopp asked, “So he’s your friend?” “That was a very terrible interview. The other journalist, who replied that he was a colleague of the journalist who interviewed Henderson, said, 무료 슬롯 “I spoke to him, and he had some regrets about the interview, and he had a hard time with it. He went on TV and talked about it all.”

Klopp, who had finally come to terms with the situation, ended the awkward exchange by saying, “Wow, okay, I’ll accept that apology on behalf of Henderson.” In other words, Klopp had taken it upon himself to repay his former student for the humiliation he had caused him. It was a moment that showed Klopp’s unwavering trust and affection for Henderson.

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