By Seol Ha-eun – Hangzhou Commonwealth Games Foundation = Kim Ok-geum (63, Gwangju Metropolitan Government) and Park Hong-jo (40, Seoul Special City Hall) pulled off a thrilling upset to win gold in the archery mixed W1 doubles event.

Kim Ok-geum and Park Hong-jo defeated Chen Min-jin and Han Guifei 144-141 in the archery mixed W1 doubles final at the Hangzhou 2022 Para-Asian Games at the Fuyang Throat Sports Center in Hangzhou, China, on Saturday.

Entering the final four ends trailing by one point at 106-107, Kim Ok-geum and Park Hong-jo shot 38 points to beat China’s 34 points.

This is the first gold medal for Korean archery at the Games.

Kim and Park changed their medal color from silver to gold for the first time in five years after teaming up at the 2018 Games in Indonesia, where they lost to China in the final.

In archery mixed doubles, two people take turns shooting a bow in 20 seconds per person.

On this day, Kim Ok-geum shot first, followed by Park Hong-jo.

“The strategy was for Kim Ok-geum to shoot steadily and Park Hong-jo to finish without mistakes,” said Lee Hyun-woo, the national archery team’s head coach. “Both players have a lot of courage and are strong in practice.”

In the final end, China shot 9, 9, 7, and 9, while South Korea shot 10, 8, 10, and 10.

“We saw and compensated for the physical strength of foreign teams in international competitions,” said Lee, “and the Korea Institute of Sports Policy and Science did a good job of designing a personalized fitness, strength, and concentration training program for each player, and the players persevered and followed it well.”

“It’s not like our opponent could shoot 11 points, we thought we could win if we did our job well,” said Park Hong-jo. “We won the gold medal because our sister Kim Ok-gum shot well and the Korean team cheered us on with their throaty cheers.”

“I endured a tough time with physical training and night workouts,” Kim said, adding, “I am grateful to my leaders, colleagues, and researchers at the Institute for Policy Studies.”

“I will humbly prepare for the second title,” she said, adding that she will compete in a solo exhibition on the 28th. 토토사이트

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