Ko Young-pyo (32), the native ace of the KT WIZ, is preparing for the playoffs (PO) with a special feeling.

This is because Nov. 2, the third game of the PO against the NC Dinos, is a significant day.

On Nov. 2 last year, he was blessed with a son, Go Cha-min-kun, who wouldn’t mind being put in the snow.

If Ko starts Game 3 of the PO against the NC on Nov. 2, he’ll get his first postseason win of the year on his son’s first birthday.

“I haven’t been informed yet how many games I’ll be starting,” Ko told reporters after the Blue-White game at Katie Weeds Park in Suwon on Nov. 26. “If I start on Nov. 2, I want to win and give my son a good gift,” he said.

“My son doesn’t recognize the game of baseball yet, but when he grows up, I will tell him that I did my best for him,” he said, vowing to throw with all my might to make him a proud father.

“I’m also planning a birthday party for my son,” he said, adding, “I’ll do it after the postseason is over.”

Ko Young-pyo is trying to improve his physical condition to give his son a priceless gift.

Against the Blue and White, he threw 62 pitches in five innings, allowing four hits and no walks while striking out five.

His fastball topped out at 137 kilometers per hour and his average velocity was 134 kilometers per hour. He also checked his changeup, his main weapon, and his curveball.

“My current physical condition is not bad,” Ko said, “The pain is gone and my balance is back. I can throw at 100 percent.”

In fact, Ko suffered an unexpected injury earlier this month.

He was hit in the right forearm by a pitch on the third day of the regular season against the KIA Tigers.

His forearm was bruised badly, and the pain radiated to his shoulder.

He was unable to play the rest of the regular season, and until recently, he was focused on recovery.

“At first, the pain was constant,” he says, “but now it’s fine. I got enough rest and I’m fine,” he said.

Ko also talked about NC ace Eric Pedroia, who is also recovering after being hit in the arm by a pitch.

“I’m in a similar situation to him, so I know how he feels,” he said, “I don’t think it’s easy for him.”

Peddie hasn’t pitched since being hit in the right forearm by a pitch in the KIA game on April 16.

He is recovering and is likely to pitch against KT and PO. NC manager Kang Myung-ho also said that if there are no major problems, he will use Pedi in the first game of the PO.

If the pitching schedule is changed, he could face Ko Young-pyo. 파워볼분석

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