Mason Mount, a midfielder for the English Professional Soccer League (EPL), will be out until the A-match break owing to an injury. The club said today (Nov. 23) that Mount “picked up an injury in the last game against Tottenham” and “will need to recover in time for the A-match period early next month.” The nature of the injury was not disclosed by the team. Prior to the A-match break, United will play Nottingham on November 26 and Arsenal on November 4. Prior to the 2023–2024 season, Mount was United’s first acquisition of the summer transfer window. Beginning in 2019–2020, Mount played with Chelsea for four seasons, tallying 33 goals in 195 appearances for the team. Mount has a five-year deal with United that runs through June 2028. According to reports, the transfer fee was £60 million and included a one-year contract extension option.
He did not, however, live up to expectations, playing just 68 minutes against Wolverhampton in the first game and 85 minutes against Tottenham in the previous game, scoring no attacking 바카라사이트 points in either.

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