Seoul Eland FC continues its partnership with sports player management solution Flco for the second consecutive year.

Seoul Eland FC signed an official partnership with QMIT CEO Lee Sang-ki and Seoul Eland FC CEO Kim Byung-kwon at Mokdong Stadium on March 30th.

QMIT is a company that operates Plco, an athlete performance management system that regulates the physical condition of sports players and 카지노사이트 prevents injuries.

Plco is an online service that helps athletes perform at their best by predicting the risk of injury based on various data such as fatigue, stress index, sleep, physical fitness, training intensity, and mood.

Through this agreement, Seoul Eland FC will receive data collection and analysis of players through the Flco app, player monitoring by coaches, and individual player management services.

“We are pleased to continue our collaboration with Seoul Eland FC after last year. With Plco’s scientific and systematic player management system, we hope that the players of Seoul Eland FC will be able to perform at their best and achieve their desired goal of promotion.”

Lee Sang-ki is a former professional soccer player and entrepreneur who founded QM IT in 2018 and operates the sports player management AMS service Plco, offline training center Plco Gym, and sports player nutrition service Plco Up.

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