A setter in a men’s and women’s professional volleyball match performs a series of hard spikes. Volleyball fans cheered at the unexpected destructive power of an attacker.

GS Caltex setter Kim Ji-won showed off her offensive prowess during the GS Caltex-Hungkuk Life in the women’s game of the Dodram 2023-2024 V-League at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on April 17.

With a 6-5 lead in the first set, a rally ensued. Heungkuk Life’s Kim Mi-yeon’s quick open attack was digged by GS Caltex 토토사이트 libero Handa Hye, but the ball went out of bounds. Kang So-hwi threw her body and floated the ball to the center.

With no middle blocker (outside hitter) or other attacker to handle the floated ball, setter Kim Ji-won attempted a spike against Heungkuk Life‘s long middle blocker Kim Soo-ji. The ball left Kim Ji-won’s hand, hit Kim Soo-ji’s hand, and landed on the court. Kim Ji-won smiled as if she was surprised by the unexpected goal.

In the women’s IBK-Jungwoon match at Hwaseong Indoor Stadium on the 18th, IBK setter Ponpun Gedpard showed off her spiking skills.

After falling behind 0-2 in the set, IBK was down 19-21 in the third set. A ball saved by Shin Yeon-kyung at the attacking cover was underhanded by Hwang Min-kyung, but it was a mistake. The ball, which was meant for middle blocker Choi Jung-min, flew toward Ponpun on the far side.

Most people would have expected Ponpun to pass the ball to the opposite court, but instead, Ponpun jumped high and attempted a spike. The Jungkwanjang blockers were caught off guard by his attempt and failed to set up a proper blocking wall, and the ball landed in Jungkwanjang’s court. Ponpun shrugged it off and prepared for the next play.

In the men’s Samsung Fire-Woori Card match at Daejeon Chungmu Gymnasium on the 19th, Samsung Fire setter Lee Jae-hyun, who was drafted as a rookie this season, showed off his powerful spikes.

The first set was a close affair with deuce after deuce. Leading 27-26, Samsung Fire had a chance to close out the set. Lee Jae-hyun won the toss and Yosubani attempted a center back-attack, which was blocked by Woori Card‘s Han Sung-jung.

As the ball fell down the court, Yosubani dug it up and the ball floated over Lee’s head. The setter was expected to retake the toss, but he leaped high and ended the set with a powerful spike. The crowd and other players were surprised by Lee’s sudden attack.

Setters are the commanders on the volleyball court, directing the offense through the toss, but that doesn’t mean they don’t score. They serve aces to score points and block to stop opposing attacks. Their main method of scoring is a two-step passing paint that tricks the opposing blockers, but they also try to attack openly on rare occasions.

Han Tae-joon (Woori Card) is the top tosser in the men’s division and has scored 36 points this season. Second-place Ha Seung-woo (KEPCO) has 31 points and third-place Han has 40 points. Veteran setter Han previously scored 105 points in a single season in 2011-2012.

Women’s toss winner Kim Dain (Hyundai E&C) has 44 points to date. Second-ranked Kim Ji-won has 36 points, third-ranked Yeom Hye-sun (Jung Kwan-jang) has 30 points, and fourth-ranked Lee Yoon-jung (Korea Expressway Corporation) has 17 points. Fifth-ranked Ponpun scored 55 points, the most of any setter. Sixth-ranked Lee Won-jeong (Heungkuk Life) also has 46 points.

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