“They told me to express if it hurts…”

Jeon, who was selected by Kiwoom with the No. 8 pick in the first round of the 2024 rookie draft, pitched ⅔ of an inning and two strikeouts before being removed from the game against the Doosan Bears in the opening game of the baseball exhibition series at Bears Park in Icheon on Sept. 9.

Jeon was the second pitcher to take the mound after Ha Young-min, who started the fourth inning with the Bears trailing 3-6. He got the first batter, Kim Dae-hyun, to ground out to second base and the next, Cho Ji-hyeon, to ground out to first base for two easy outs, but Peace briefly got Henry Ramos and Kim Jae-hwan to fly out to center field.

The reason for the sudden change of pace was an injury. Jeon Jun-pyo checked himself out with the trainer on the mound and was replaced by Kim In-beom. “Jun-pyo Jeon was replaced because he complained of gallbladder symptoms in his right back,” a Kiwoom official explained.

A day later, we heard the full story of Jeon’s injury replacement.

“It’s not a big injury,” said Kiwoom coach Hong Won-ki before the game against Icheon Doosan on Tuesday. He had gallbladder symptoms, so he was substituted. 스포츠토토 He said he felt it against Ramos,” he explained.

The pain almost made him angry. My back was stiff from the time I gave up the straight ball against Ramos, but I pushed through it and gave up another straight ball against Kim Jae-hwan. An experienced player would have signaled to the bench for a substitution after facing Ramos, but as a rookie who just made his debut in an exhibition game, there was no communication.

“It was the rookie pitcher’s first exhibition game,” Hong said. I think he was nervous because there were spectators. He looked uncomfortable when facing Kim Jae-hwan, but I think he was injured. We were late with our catch,” he said, “I emphasized that he should express if he is in pain, but he was hesitant because he is a rookie. Right now, we’re just checking him out. It’s more important to check my physical condition than to take note of it,” he said.

Kiwoom’s season has been hampered by unexpected injuries to key players,

Including Lee Ju-hyung (thigh) and Jang Jae-young (elbow), ahead of the exhibition matches. Joon-pyo Jeon was fortunately found to have a minor injury, but the manager had to wipe away another surprise as he had pitched well in spring training.

“Injuries come unexpectedly,” Hong said. It’s even more unfortunate because they worked hard to prepare for the leap last year. Their hearts should have been on the baseball field…” Hong lamented, adding, “I think this will be a great learning experience. It’s not just about the opening game. It’s about the whole season and the process. I hope they come back in perfect shape,” he said.

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